Dugouts, discipline & dreams

Starting out on this planet underground, in a South Australian town called Coober Pedy, life was bound to be different. Outback desert, floods and hopping mice. Father Christmas came through a man hole & the Easter Bunny knew exactly how to get in to leave chocolates. Man, what a topsy turvy planet I had landed on.
Stories were taped by Mum on a cassette deck and played to us at night as the dugouts were pitch black & not even your hand in front of your face you could see.

My imagination was let loose to say the least. My memories are fond and my first meditation was in year two with Miss Pickhaver……I fell asleep…..
Colour and mixed races, drive ins and an outdoor huge trampoline at the only supermarket, early life was without judgement & loads of experience.

I did my first few schooling years at Coober Pedy. We were driven out of town by cowboys with guns, my Mum with kids under arm, she was not returning.We moved to Elizabeth where Dad played for Centrals & became his own legend in sport & his first sport store.They say I am a spit out of my Dads mouth.I reckon I am too.He never stopped dreaming & believing in his dreams and always worked for himself.

We did not go hungry and rode very high waves and some pretty low ones too.Dad taught us that money will not buy you happiness, yet it can buy you a bloody big boat to sail up next to it.He loved nature & the outdoors and love sharing it with us kids, his friends family & guitar!
Its not what happens, it is how you ride that wave Jo-Anne.

I ask my customers this question often.
“The fairy god mother is going to grant you one wish. This wish must benefit humanity & yourself, & you must do it daily. What is your wish?”

I will drop by soon again. Dalbar is getting busier & busier now with gorgeous young Mums coming in to buy my vegan, compostable, organic seasonal veggie dals as baby food!
If you are in the area, drop in & say Hi & grab a tasting of whatever might be in the magical medicinal hotpot for the day.
Love & Lentils
Jojo (the chanting cook)

Creativity is a fuel we are all given I believe……

“We can open the faucet, and let Divine creative energy flow through us, out into the world. By choosing to let this energy through, we become a vehicle for the expression of the living creative energy of the Universe.”