Our Story


Hi there and thanks for dropping by.

My name is Jo-Anne. I trained as a Nurse, fell in love with Ayurveda in the 80s, rocked the dinner party world and now love to make you the highest vibe food in town.

I am so excited about spreading the news far and wide about the newest kid on the block. Darlin Dal, food for the Gods and Goddesses.

It’s vegan, plant-based, organic seasonal local, grain-free. In fact, she is ticking most of your boxes!

Order me, eat me twice a week and you will feel the difference and see the difference, high vibrational food makes.

Our ongoing story is all about our customers and their satisfaction... SEE REVIEWS

Daily fresh and frozen we offered the online store during COVID-19. She worked a treat and brought you what you needed for nourishing comfort.

We have kept the online store for you to peruse the personalities of dals. No need to order online these days...

Drop by the store or, the markets and see what we have on offer. You will find one or all of the creations feed your inner beauty vibe.

Fresh Kicharee available all day on Saturdays in-store and monthly at the Adelaide Farmers Market. All aboard the inner beauty love train

Look forward to connecting with you,